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Underwater rock armour protection at Hoyle Offshore Wind farm


During construction of an offshore wind farm at North Hoyle, Briggs Marine were appointed to carry out submarine cable installation and scour protection measures to the base of the turbine masts.

Scope of Works

A large volume of rock material had to be placed on the seabed to protect the foundations and underwater cables from scour by strong tidal currents.


WM Plant Hire used their 26m long reach excavator for the precision placement of material. The 90 tonne Caterpillar 375 was positioned on the deck of the Forth Guardsman to unload its 500 tonne cargo of slate to be used as scour protection. Fitted with 2.5m3 bucket it was able to place around 4 tonne of slate each load at a depth of 20m. The machine was also used to lift the dredging equipment for the cable trench and accurately control its movements under water.

The works involved close working with a team of highly skilled divers with stringent safety procedures in place.

WM Plant Hire’s specialist long reach plant demonstrated high outputs and an innovative approach to the operation. Specific training in a marine environment ensured safety remained paramount at all times.

Additional Info

  • Client: Briggs Marine
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Location: 3 miles off North Wales coast
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