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Specialist Attachments

We can offer a wide range of specialist attachments, customised to suit the exact project requirements so please do call our experienced team to discuss your individual project needs.

Often, these result in high efficiency and improve safety in carrying out the work. They can also improve precision when working in sensitive sites. These can be hydraulically operated through the machine hydraulics or mechanically fixed as work tools. 

Tilt and rotating quick hitch systems enable rapid fitting of numerous hydraulic attachments, including:

  • flails
  • tree cutters
  • weed cutting baskets
  • hydraulic breakers
  • rotating rock wheels
  • grapples
  • grabs
  • compactor plates  

An amphibious undercarriage can be fitted to some of our machines for use in deep silt and marshy conditions.  These amphibious machines have the ability to actually float on water and are ideal for working in environments where low ground pressure is essential. They are particularly suited for wetland areas, marshland and tidal mudflats where no other machine could access.

The 3 specialist attachments most commonly used by our clients currently are:

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